Minutes of General Meeting

Approved General Meeting Minutes July 2022


2022 Motions

Motion 01 – 2022 – Fee Restructuring

Motion 02 – 2022 – Reserves


Timeline and Key Deadline Dates

Key deadline dates for this year’s Motions and Virtual General Meeting are:



Initial deadline for Motions (for consideration at Regional Meetings)

8 April 

Discussion Period 

18 April to 2 June 

Letter to Members re VGM date and overview of meeting 

10 June 

Author review 

3 – 17 June 

Deadline for Member Motions 

17 June 

Final Motions Due 

17 June 

Deadline for Member Agenda input 

25 June 

Final Preparations 

17 June – 22 June 

Agenda for VGM and YE Accounts published with Members 

1 July 

Deadline for NARs to be accurately listed in Directory 

8 July 

Virtual General Meeting (proxies can be sent anytime up to and including on day of meeting) – the meeting is planned for 13:00 to 16:00 UK time. 

16 July