Our Partners

Since its beginning, CISV has worked in cooperation with like-minded organizations for the purpose of educational research, national, regional and international relations, and, increasingly, to develop our programmes and activities.

Our corporate partnership

CISV International has a new, exciting collaboration with momondo, to help create more opportunities for cross-cultural understanding. momondo is supporting a Village in Brazil in 2017 and promote the work of CISV on their website. To learn more about our partnership, and to download School Packs, visit our momondo page.


Our official relations

CISV International is a UNESCO partner Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), holds participatory status with the Council of Europe and is a candidate member of the European Youth Forum.


Image resultUNESCO


Council of Europe Council of Europe logo

  •  The CISV International representative is Anne Kraus (CISV Luxembourg)


European Youth Forum logoEuropean Youth Forum

Our funding partners

Erasmus+ With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Our research partnerships

CISV International has enjoyed research partnerships with Birkbeck College (UK), Newcastle University (UK), University of Modena (Italy), University of Ohio (USA) and University of Cincinnati (USA).

Our partner organizations

CISV International works in partnership with many organizations. We have an ongoing, strategic partnership with EEE-YFU, EFIL (AFS) and Experiment in International Living, which has covered many topic areas over the years.  We are currently working with AFS to develop a new joint initiative for local working.  Some examples of projects we have worked on together include:

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