We are delighted to introduce you to the candidates for the 2024 CISV International Governing Board Elections!

Below you will find the candidates (listed in alphabetical order by first name), their candidate information, introduction videos and contact information. Please also see further down the page for a video about how voting works, and the next steps and key dates in the election process.

Demographics and Skills Gap Analysis

You can read the Governing Board Demographics and Skills Gap Analysis 2024 for details about the skills and experience that have been identified by the Governance Committee as being especially needed for next year's Governing Board, based on an analysis of the current and outgoing board members.

Learn about how voting works

Next steps

  • 20 June (date changed, was previously 18 June): a questionnaire will be published for each candidate, giving more information about the candidates' views and vision.
  • 24 June (17:00 UK time): deadline for National Secretaries to ensure the correct person is assigned to the National Association Representative role in the myCISV Directory (and that their correct email address is in myCISV). Only those assigned by the deadline will be permitted to vote.
  • 9-23 July: online voting period:
    • 9-15 July: round 1 voting, for three 3-year Trustee positions (2024-2027)
    • 17-23 July: round 2 voting, for one 2-year Trustee positions (2024-2026)

If you have any questions, please visit the Governing Board Elections FAQs page, or contact the Election Committee.

The members of the 2024 Election Committee are: Natasha Clarita, Anne Marie Dimalanta and Simon Clear.