What Your Child Will Gain From a CISV Programme?

Taking part in a CISV educational programme is an experience that will have a powerful and positive impact on your child for life. They will have the opportunity to make lasting friendships with other children from around the world in a fun, safe environment.

The positive impact of meeting and making friends with children from other countries and cultures cannot be overestimated. Your child will gain a global perspective and come to understand their part in our global community.

While we put an emphasis on fun and friendship, at the core of everything we do is our aim to educate and inspire young people to realise their full potential. The curriculum in each of our programmes is age-appropriate and delivered using our informal, ‘learning by doing’ approach. We will help your child to develop an ‘anything is possible’ attitude, leadership and communication skills, and an understanding of the world around them.

Do You Want to Send Your Child to a CISV Programme?

The first step is to find your CISV National Association. They will be able to tell you about CISV programmes they are hosting or taking part in and put you in touch with your nearest CISV Chapter.

Your Practical Questions

Your CISV National Association or local CISV Chapter will be able to answer all your questions about the practical things you need to know about sending your child to a CISV programme. They will be able to advise you on everything from how much pocket-money your child should take and the clothes they need to pack, to details of the travel arrangements and camp-site.


The cost of sending your child to an international CISV programme varies from country to country. As a not-for-profit organization, we work hard to keep our fees as low as possible. Because of the travel involved, our international programmes are more expensive, but there are always ways for your child to get involved with CISV locally through our Junior Branch and Mosaic programme. Your CISV National Association or local CISV Chapter will be able to give you full details of costs.

Our Standards

CISV has over 60 years experience of organizing camp-based programmes for children and young people. You can be assured of the high quality of supervision and care we take with our youngest participants. Is your child attending a CISV programme? Look in Resources for all the forms, documents, and information you need.

Going to a CISV camp abroad for up to a month is an exciting prospect for the children who will participate – but perhaps a little daunting for their parents! We understand. We know that you want to be sure that your child will be looked after and kept safe before, during, and after the programme.

CISV is committed to ensuring that the safety of each child in our care is paramount. We have been organizing camp-based programmes and family-hosted exchanges for decades and child safety and protection remain our highest priorities.

Many of our volunteers are parents themselves who are sending their children to CISV programmes in other countries – or may have done so in the past. They share our commitment to, and your concern for, the welfare of your child.

Child Protection

CISV International has comprehensive Safeguarding Policy, which are reviewed and updated regularly. Our National Associations additionally have their own child protection procedures, which are in line with their national legislation and requirements.

All of our programme staff and leaders receive child protection, risk management, and leadership training to prepare them to take care of your child.

Our child protection and risk management procedures ensure that:

  • All programme staff and leaders are locally selected and trained to international standard
  • Confidential references are reviewed locally
  • All programme staff and leaders are carefully screened and police-checked, in line with national procedures and international standards
  • All children (under 16) travel with an adult leader aged over 21
  • Hosting families are carefully screened CISV members

  • If you have any doubts or any child protection concerns, past or present, please contact us in confidence on safety@cisv.org.

    Health and Safety

    A full risk assessment is conducted at the start of every programme and our programme staff are supported by our local, regional, and international network of experienced Risk Managers.

    All of our participants are required to carry insurance and to provide detailed medical and health information.

    At every programme there is a qualified first-aider. They are responsible for any basic first aid, the organization and distribution of medicines, liaising with local doctors and hospitals as necessary, and keeping all records relating to any illness or accident.

    Medical care is always within easy reach. In the rare event of illness or accident, parents are called at the first opportunity and updated with full information on what steps have been taken to help their child.

    Participation in one of our programmes is often a powerful experience – and not just for your child! They will come home with stories to share and may even have changed a little and become more independent.

    CISV will help to prepare you and your child for the experience of going to a programme, so you all know what to expect. Hearing first-hand from children and parents of children who have already participated is an important part of this process.

    Inter-cultural experience is enriching for all of your family. If your child is going to be part of an Interchange exchange, your family will all get to take part in the experience as part of the two-way exchange. You may also get the opportunity to host children coming from another country to take part in a camp-based programme near you.

    CISV is all about friendship and fun and not just for children and young people. Many of our Chapters hold regular social events and activities that the whole family can join in with.

    The CISV experience stays with you for life. The volunteers that run and support our Chapters and programmes are nearly all parents of children who participated at some time or other. To find put how you can get involved, read more about how you can volunteer.

    Are you and your family taking part in a CISV programme? Look in Resources for all the forms, documents, and information you need.