Open Calls for Expressions of Interest and Tender

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS – Design, Development, and Support for Elearning Course

CISV International is calling for proposals by professional elearning development companies interested in supplying the design, development, and support for implementation of an elearning course on risk management, child protection, and safeguarding. 

The full Request for Proposals is available here.

Proposals must be submitted by midnight UK time of 7 October 2019.


Does the development of an elearning strategy for CISV form part of the main bid, or is this separate?
CISV will develop a detailed elearning strategy over the coming years and that should not be part of the bid. However, CISV’s work with the vendor within this project will inform this strategy. The bid should include suggestions (e.g. one or two virtual meetings towards the end of the project) how CISV and the vendor together can identify and document key learnings that arise from the joint work. Suggestions should also allow for any additional tips the vendor may have based on their expertise and experience, to be passed on so that CISV can reflect them in their future elearning strategy.
What are CISV’s plans regarding support services to learners and what should be covered in the bid?
CISV plans to develop their own infrastructure (personnel, routines) to deal with user support on questions regarding e.g. log in, using the CISV ID, navigating the course, substantive questions or complaints regarding certification. As part of the vendor’s input on CISV’s elearning strategy, CISV would be keen to learn about potential technical options such as live chat, FAQ bank, and monitored forums and what resources they would require.

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