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Q & A (Technical)

No of Websites on Platform
Question: In the RfP it is mentioned that 36 websites are active. We recognized that there are more website databases existing. Would it be possible to identify / name those websites beforehand to be able to state which content elements are really in use? This would help us to clearly define which content elements must be migrated, could be skipped or can probably be migrated manually.
Answer: Following are the websites we operate actively:,,, (for demonstrations; not important), (plus French site) with Chapters, (plus French site,,,,, (Spain) (Portugal) (Israel; plus English site (Slovenia; plus English site (Great Britain) (Poland) (Estonia) (Czech Republic) (Latvia) (France) (Finalnd; plus Swedish version (Colombia) (Ecuador) (Mexico) (Chapter Dalla-Fortworth, USA) (Chapter Rocky Mountina Denver, USA)
Inactive but provisioned are: Brazil (br.), Honduras (hn. and enhn.), New Zealand (nz.)
That makes 35 sites (partly not yet live, but provisioned) + 4 unused sites
Further there is the which we use for cloning when provisioning a new site.
Publishing (GoLive)
Question: It is not completely clear for us how the final publishing process is planned. I assume we provide a test version on the Staging system and after getting “green”, the system can be deployed on the productive system. We assume that each specific page should be migrated separately? And persons in the respective countries are then available to check / perform the necessary changes after the migration has been performed?
Answer: We have no plans for the exact GoLive process; we are asking for guidance; we believe it is largely depending on the way, the migration of sites takes place. If the migration is a turn-key solution, then acceptance testing on the Staging environment is definitely to be considered. We can plan for availability of website editor personnel in that phase; it depends on their availability as most of them are volunteers.
Presentation of new Theme
Question: It is mentioned that we should present the look & feel via PowerPoint. If we plan to stay as close to the current implementation as possible, do we still need to do a PowerPoint presentation?
Answer: Not necessarily; if we can be shown what the new pages would look like (through whatever means) and be able to assess ourselves whether the planned result is acceptable, that would suffice.
Language Switcher
Question: Are there any websites using the language switcher and providing content in more than 1 language?
Answer: Sites with additional language sites are listed in the answer to the first question above; whether these language sites are actively used is unclear for us.

Q & A (Organisational)

Q & A
Questions: Where will the questions of other applicants and the answers to our questions be provided? I assume we receive an email besides some public place
Answer: All questions and answers are shared on this page.