This is where you will find any documents and links that we think are of particular interest to our Members. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact the Member Communications Liaison from the Governing Board, currently Vinh Prag.

We have an open discussion forum on the 2018 draft motions, below on this page.

Minutes of the Governing Board

2018 Elections to the Governing Board

Regional Meeting 2018 Draft Motions

Motion 1 – 2018 – Accounts and Auditors

Motion 2 – 2018 – Age Limits 

Motion 3 – 2018 – JB Purpose and Goals

Motion 4 – 2018 – Approval of R-11 Policy and Procedure for Enforcement of Rules

Motion 5 – 2018 – Approval of Board Priorities for Next Strategic Plan

Draft Motions Discussion Forum
(If you do not see all five draft motions, please click on the orange ‘speech bubble’ at the bottom and the final draft motion will show).

Draft Motions 2018 - Discussion

Historical motions and presentations, from Regional and General Meetings.

Regional Meeting Documents 2017

Regional Meeting Documents 2016 

Regional Meeting Documents 2015 

General Meeting Documents 2015


Post It Notes


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