There are a number of matters that require Member decision-making. These decisions are made at General Meetings during our Global Conference or by electronic voting.

Any proposal for action to the Members is called a “Motion”.  Motions can be made by any Member, Promotional Association, Honorary Counsellor, the Governing Board or the Secretary General.

Those entitled to vote are the full Members of CISV International: each National Association via their representative (NAR) and the Junior Branch via the two International Junior Representatives (IJR). Any individual CISVers involved locally, nationally, or internationally are welcome to take part in the discussion and are encouraged to talk to their respective National Representatives and to the International Junior Representatives, whose vote they can influence.

More information on the procedure and matters that require a Members’ vote can be found in CISV International’s Articles of Association (Info File C-01) and in CISV International’s Rules of Procedure for Members’ Meetings and Voting (Info File C-19).

This page collects the 12 motions that were presented by this year’s deadline (24 May 2020).  They are in draft form and will be open for discussion for the next six weeks.  There is then an opportunity to review and finalize them before they are brought to a vote in August 2020.

Five of them (motions 1-5), are part of a long process that CISV International has been discussing over the last few years, the Programme Review. They are here presented through a “motion package” that explains in more detail the rationale, the process, and how these link to each other. However, formally they will be voted on as individual motions and they are available individually further down the page.



*Individual Programme Review Motions





Discussion period

1 June – 14 July

Author review

15 – 29 July 

Final motions due 

29 July

Final preparations

29 July – 3 August

Voting window

4 – 31 August

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