Minutes of General Meeting

2023 Motions

Supporting Documents

Timeline and Key Deadline Dates


2023 Date

Initial deadline for Motions (for consideration at Regional Meetings)

4 April 

Discussion Period 

5 April–17 May

Author review 

17 May–1 June

Letter to Members re VGM date and overview of meeting 

9 June 

Final Motions Due 

16 June 

Deadline for Member Agenda input 

30 June 

Final Preparations 

23 June–30 June

Agenda for VGM and YE Accounts published with Members 

22 July 

Deadline for NARs to be accurately listed in Directory 

28 July 

Virtual General Meeting (proxies can be sent anytime up to and including on day of meeting) – the meeting is planned for 13:00 to 16:00 UK time. 

5 August