Justice, Equity, Discrimination, and Inclusion Storytelling Project

Update 27 July: Deadline extended to August 28, 2021


We are the Justice, Equity, Discrimination, and Inclusion (JEDI) working group, a sub group of CISV International’s Educational Programmes Committee (EPC). We invite our members to take part in a new Storytelling project to raise awareness and give voice to experiences of racism, discrimination, and bigotry within our organization and programmes. The goal is to increase our awareness and understanding of the problem so that we can create solutions. We believe this will have a positive impact on attitudes and behaviours and help us be better and do better. We understand and believe that any act of racism, discrimination and bigotry should not be tolerated under any circumstance, and as an international community we need to be aware of the existence of these situations to step forward towards a truly inclusive and diverse organisation.

We are inviting members to share any experiences they have had, or witnessed, of racism, discrimination, bigotry or harassment at any level of the organization (local, national, international, Junior Branch) or at any event (meetings, forums, programmes, local activities, conferences, etc) to share your story with us. We would also like to hear from members who have had powerful revelations and learning experiences that have helped them take action to be more aware and inclusive.

How to share your story

Check out our submission guidelines. They explain what format to send your stories in (including how to do so anonymously), who to send them to and what we’ll do with it.

We will be receiving stories until August, 28 2021.

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