This agreement is between “YOU” and CISV International.

“YOU” are serving in a role of responsibility regarding one of CISV’s international programmes.

In order to perform your role, you need to have special access to some personal data of individual CISVers as well as to information about the programmes.

We know that you understand how important it is that we keep this information safe and confidential, and that we only use it as we need to for our roles.  This is important for several reasons:

  • The safety and security of our programmes;
  • The safety and security of individuals;
  • To respect the privacy of our participants and members; and,
  • There are strict legal requirements with very high fines for violations.




  • Keep all information about participants and other individuals strictly confidential
    • only share it on a “need to know” basis
    • only use it for proper CISV purposes, such as taking care of participants
  • You may need to download and share documents with programme or personal information,
    • only send them to known and trusted people
    • only send them in a secure and safe way
    • once your role has ended, you will fully destroy or delete any paper or electronic copies you have (on computer, phone, tablet etc…)
  • Make sure people cannot access the material online
    • have a strong password for any access to data and keep it secure
    • sign out of your account and close the browser when you are not active in the system
  • Contact CISV International at
    • If you have any questions about this agreement or data security
    • If you receive an concern or inquiry from anyone else about their data
  • Follow all local laws that apply to you and your use of this information.

(You can find some suggestions regarding security in the CISV Data Protection Mini Guide).



  • Share your password and access with others
  • Print out or download copies of confidential information, except when it is strictly necessary for CISV purposes
  • Leave any copies of confidential information anywhere that they can be found, seen or taken by anyone who does not need them for CISV purposes
  • Keep copies for longer than necessary: you must safely shred or fully delete them immediately once you have finished with them.


You have an important role with a lot of trust and responsibility.  Your support and hard work are greatly appreciated.  We know that you will understand that, in line with good practice and the law, we are asking you to click below to indicate that you understand and agree to these confidentiality requirements.

Once you have agreed, you will be given access to the relevant programme information.  That access will automatically stop 90 days after the programme.