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Updated 27/01/2022

Due to the continued situation with Covid, plans for RTF’s are uncertain.  For those NAs / PAs / Regions that wish to host in-person trainings in 2022, please complete the following form here.

For more information contact Lynn Faris


Each year CISV International offer trainings at our Regional Training Forums (RTFs). Here you can get up-to-date training, hear about current CISV priorities in  your region and internationally, and meet new and old friends.

Most RTFs are run over three and a half days and offer separate trainings in different areas, such as chapter development, profile raising, risk management and specific programme training.

To ensure quality and consistency, each training is delivered by certified CISV International trainers, using a set training curriculum. In addition, a couple of common sessions are held, which focus on areas of general interest.

All CISV International trainings are evaluated by trainees using an online survey. The Training and Quality Assurance Committee analyses that information to continuously improve CISV International training materials and delivery.

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