Introducing Elearning for Programme Staff and Leaders

CISV is committed to ensuring that our programmes are high-quality and safe for all involved. Ensuring volunteers are given consistent, thorough training is essential to programme safety. We are pleased to announce the introduction of new elearning content.

CISV International is developing elearning to complement and strengthen CISV’s in person training as a strategic priority. In 2020, we are making available elearning modules on a variety of topics that all focus on the delivery of safe educational programmes.

You can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions below. Please note that more information will be added below and more elearning modules will be added to the elearning platform as they become ready. Watch this space for news about this exciting and evolving new tool in the CISV learning toolbox!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the elearning module on Child Protection?

The module on Child Protection is one out of 7 elearning modules that together will make up the overall CISV Safeguarding Certification Course. The module on Child Protection is introduced in March 2020, and the full course will be launched at a later date.

Any person in a role of responsibility involving basic risk management and child protection will be required to complete the module on Child Protection in 2020, and the full course in 2021.

This requirement is part of CISV International’s strategic commitment to make our programmes safe and high quality, by ensuring that all our programme leaders and staff around the world are trained and certified in basic risk management and child protection. It also provide a consistent training regardless of where in the world you come from.

Who needs to complete the elearning module on Child Protection?

The module on Child Protection will be mandatory for all CISV programme staff, leaders, Junior Counsellors, Local/National Interchange Coordinators.

In addition, it is recommended that anyone who is active in CISV completes the module. We all have responsibility to keep everybody – especially children – safe in CISV. Through this elearning module we can learn important aspects of how to do that. CISV International trainers and trainees at CISV International trainings are also encouraged to complete the module.

Will I receive the CISV Safeguarding Certificate after successfully completing the elearning module on Child Protection?

Unfortunately no (but it is still important to complete the module).

To receive the certificate you have to successfully complete the full elearning course. The module on Child Protection is only one out of 7 different modules. The remaining six modules are currently under development and will be ready soon.

As of 2021, anyone who successfully completes the full CISV Safeguarding Certification Course will be certified for a maximum of two years. After two year, you will be required to take the course again.

I am going to be a JC/leader/staff/LIC/NIC, do I have complete the elearning module on Child Protection in addition to attending regular programme training?
Yes. The elearning module is not a replacement for programme training but a complement. So, if you already have attended, or will attend, a programme training in your Chapter, National Association or at an international Regional Training Forum, the elearning module must also be completed.
How do I access the elearning module on Child Protection?
To access the elearning module on Child Protection, follow the steps below:
    1. Make sure you are registered on myCISV, and that you have your new myCISV ID ( If you need help, visit the myCISV Frequently Asked Questions page.
    2. Go to
    3. Click “CISV ID ( user)”
    Elearning Login How To
    4.Click on the Child Protection module to start.
How long will it take to complete the module?
We estimate it can take up to one hour. If you need to look up certain terminology it may take longer.

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