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myCISV Troubleshooting 

The following forum is a troubleshooting guide to help fix common problems on myCISV.  

If these solutions do not fix your problem, please contact your myCISV coordinator. They can be contacted using the following email using your own two-digit country-code:  


If you need further support, please feel free to contact myCISV support at: 

When contacting the myCISV support email, you will need to provide the following required information: 

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  • National Association and Chapter

Accessing Your Account

How do I log into myCISV?
In order to log in, you will need to know your CISV ID and associated password. You cannot log in using a personal eMail address.
What is a CISV ID?

A CISV ID is a unique identifier we use in our IT systems. It is mainly used as a username when logging into myCISV, CISV Learn, CISV SharePoint or other IT services we provide.

A CISV ID appears in the format of:

How can I find my CISV ID?

To find out your CISV ID:

  • Go to
  • Click “Create Account” (Note: This will not create a new account, it will just find your CISVID.)
  • Complete all of the registration fields (try to use the same information as when you first registered)

The system will then provide you with your CISV ID, or show some censored email addresses that may be linked to your account. By entering any of the email addresses you recognise, you will then be provided with your CISV ID.

How do I reset my password?
  • Go to
  • Click “Log in”
  • Enter your CISVID, click “Next”
  • Click “Forgot password”
  • On the final page, select the email address you want the password reset link sent to (this should be an address you have access to)
  • From there, follow the instructions in the password reset email

If you no longer have access to the email address linked to your account, please contact myCISV support.
Why am I getting a "Server Error"?

  • This may be caused by a Browser Cache Error

    There are multiple solutions possible to this problem:
    • Clear your entire browser cache by using the “more” button (3 dots) at the top-right (at least in Chrome and Edge – every browser is different) and going to Settings
    • Use another browser which you normally do not use for CISV International (Opera, Chroma, Edge, Mozilla Firefox etc)
    • Use an incognito window in your browser (also available in most browser versions through the “more” button)
  • Pop-ups are blocked on your computer.

    Allow Pop Ups

    •On your web browser you should see the highlighted icon, click on it to allow pop-ups. Alternatively, you can allow Pop-ups in your browser settings.
myCISV Support has sent me my new CISV ID - what do I do now?
Please, goto login and use this CISV ID as the username during the login process. Please, follow the below process to re-set your password and complete the login process. The verification code during the password reset process will be sent to your personal eMail address.
myCISV Password Reset
During login or password reset I am asked about my type of account - what should I answer?
Sometimes, the identity service used by myCISV asks whether you want to login with a "Personal or private account" or a "Work or School Account". Your CISV ID (your myCISV login) is of type "Work or School Account".
Can my CISV ID be used for sending emails from? Is this possible?
Although a CISV ID may look like an email address, it cannot be used to send emails. However, emails sent to a CISV ID will be forwarded to your Primary Email Address.
I am always taken to my school or work account or myCISV says I cannot reset my password?
Sometimes, your browser is still logged in with an account of your school or work. When this is also a Microsoft-backed account (which is the case for very many school accounts especially) it is very common that the browser caches login data and therefore has difficulties of issuing a second login request for another domain (CISV.ORG in this case). Normally what helps is deleting browser cache data (see question "Why am I getting a "Server Error"?" further above), but that obviously also deletes cached logins for your school; you may not want that for convenience. You can, however, always install a second browser; hint: avoid MAC OS Safari for as it has difficulties with the popups that myCISV is requiring. Browser models that generally work well with myCISV are Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave. These browsers are all free and can be installed easily from the internet.

Children and Guardian

I cannot create an account as my child’s account uses my email addresses, what should I do?
When this happens, you will be unable to create an account yourself.

Please contact myCISV Support and provide the Required Information mentioned above for both yourself and your child. The support team will sort out your problem.
When using the self-responsibility function for my child I am required to give an email address - what email address should I use here?
Please, use your child's personal email address here. It has to be an email that is existing and that your child actively uses. This email address will be used for communication with your child. As you are making your child a self-responsible actor in myCISV and other technical tools in CISV - such as the online training system - they will have to have their own email address for communication. NOTE, that using your email address for your child will result in an error!
Can children under the age of 16 create an account on myCISV?
The age of "self-responsibility" is 16 years old and above.

Therefore, parents or guardians have to create an account for their children under 16 years old.

A parent needs to register themselves and then add the child using the "Children" menu on their myCISV account.

A child is under 16yo. Does their account have to be created by a parent or parental guardian? Or can it be someone else e.g. an older, adult sister?
The person acting as a parental guardian on myCISV will have to fill relevant documents which can become legally binding. Therefore, the person creating an account is considered the legally responsible guardian for the child (which cannot be technically controlled but can become relevant in case of an incident or issue)
Self-responsibility of a minor (young adult): A parental guardian created an account for a minor under 16yo. Now they are over 16yo, what should be done?
The parental guardian needs to make the child "self-responsible" on myCISV.

In order to make a child self-responsible, the guardian needs to access their profile within their own account.

As a guardian, go to the details of a child's profile, find the ORANGE PEN next to where it says self-responsibility, click please, and follow the instructions given there.

When having clicked “UNLINK” it normally takes around 30 seconds to process the UNLINK request; then your children have a CISV ID of their own with your consent to that. They can login now using the same process that you used earlier. You may have to tell them their CISV ID.
My child needs to take the Safeguarding Training as part of their Junior Counsellor (JC) application. What if they cannot login?
Your children need to be able to login themselves for to take the Safeguarding Training. Refer to the "eLearning and the Safeguarding Training" FAQs below to get further help with this problem.
I would like my children to be connected to both their parental guardians - is this possible?
Yes it is. Once the child is connected to one guardian, please, send the child's and the other parental guardian's data to myCISV Support.
How can my child login after their account has been made self-responsible?
Your child needs to be told their CISV ID. As a parental guardian you can see their CISV ID on their profile.
By having set a new primary eMail address for the child, the child can now use the self-service password reset function to set their initial password.
To understand how this function works, please refer to question (and answer) "myCISV Support has sent me my new CISV ID - what do I do now?", above here on this page.

Programme Assignment

How do I accept a programme invitation?
Only NA Secretaries can action this:

Go to the Invitations list located in the left-side menu tree under "My Programmes".

Please give it time to load, especially when there are many invitations for your NA.

Scroll down and click the "EDIT" button at the bottom of the list.

The Status column now changes for you to click the arrow and select the appropriate status to change this invitation to accepted or refused.

Likewise, you are able to assign a Chapter now and to file (or overwrite) the comment column.

NOTE: Please, do give a comment especially when rejecting an invitation; we use these comments to enhance our distribution process.

When done with all edits, save the list by clicking the SAVE button at the bottom of the list.

How do I get assigned to a programme?
For participants and all staff roles, you need to be assigned to the programme by a myCISV Coordinator. Please contact your National Association for assignment.
How do I assign a participant to a programme?
This task is the responsibility of chapter/national myCISV Coordinators. Once an invitation has been accepted by your National Secretary, you will be able to assign participants within your chapter or NA depending on your role.

We have created a guide showing how you do these assignments. Checkout the Guidance for myCISV Coordinators here.
I cannot find the participant I need to assign. What should I do?
This is usually caused by the participant not having the correct chapter set on myCISV. Please, ask the participant to go to their profile and check their Chapter setting. When the Chapter setting is correct but does not match your Chapter, you will need to reach out to your National myCISV Coordinator.

As a myCISV Coordinator, the NA and chapter on your account must match the NA and chapter of the role you are assigned. If you need to assign someone from another National, such as International Staff, please reach out to myCISV Support and provide them with the Programme code and CISVID of the person needing assignment.
On many of the programme participant webpages, I see people designated as 'Chapter Support'. Who is that typically and does each chapter need to have that?
This is very diverse from Chapter to Chapter. The "Chapter Support" role used to exist in the past system. When creating the new system, it was decided to keep that role and assign it permissions which are appropriate for this role to help those IN the programme with programme logistics and organization. In some Chapters this is used for persons booking travel. Some Chapters have programme coordinators for each programme type and assign these people into that role. Some others have a dedicated person supporting each delegation from their Chapter and they then assign that role. The only thing that would be helpful to both staff and Administrators in the CISV International Office: Please assign only one person per delegation or individual tile/card per programme. there is neither a technical threshold nor any rule for that, but it's simply very hard for everybody to maintain the overview over participants if "the entire page is spread" with "Chapter Support" people. Otherwise, feel free to organize in your Chapter as ever you deem appropriate.

Programme Participation

Are there guides for Staff and Leaders on Forms in myCISV?
Yes. We have published Helper Guides and Videos on our myCISV page. They have been created by Fi Orlando, Michigan, and kindly shared with us by CISV USA! Thank you, Friends!
How to complete Pre-Camp 1?
Pre-Camp 1 is now integrated into myCISV. To complete Pre-Camp 1, a Camp Director and Pre-Camp Contact must be assigned to the programme in the Participants tab. They should then fill in the Programme Data and Programme Address in the Programme Overview.

You will then be able to see the completed Pre-Camp 1 below the Programme Details.
Do I need to carry paper copies of the forms, still?
You are required to carry one paper copy of each form with you for safeguarding and in case of emergency, police/customs checks or any malicious events during travel. For emergency incidents, paper copies may be needed to be carried on travel and as every form needs to be printed once for signatures, anyways, this one print-out could as well be used to be carried on travel and handed to staff later-on. Please read the Help Guide “Create and Share Pre-Camp documents and other helpful programme information” for further information.
Which forms do I need to complete before attending a camp?
Depending on your role in the Programme and your (or your child's) age, the exact forms may vary, but you will usually need to complete a Health Form, a Legal Form and the Delegation Information.

Check out this PDF helper document (2 pages) which shows you how to correctly access the relevant Programme as the guardian of your child.

All the forms you need to complete can be found on your Programme's 'Overview' page’ on myCISV, look for the ‘Forms’ tile on this page. Here's a sample screenshot showing the way:
How do I add a signature on a form?
To add a signature, you would first need to print off the form. To do this, you can either:
  • Use the web browser’s print function by pressing the [control] and [p] buttons
  • Click on the “more” button (3 dots) at the top-right (at least in Chrome and Edge – every browser is different), going to Settings and selecting “print”.
After printing the form and signing in the appropriate areas, scan your signed form and reupload it onto myCISV at the bottom of the ‘form’ page using the 'choose file' button.
I cannot see Pre-Camp-2 or other documents in my Programme
Please, do first check whether you or your child are a participant in any role in the Programme.
  • Children who are NOT linked with their parents: Only the child will be able to see documents added to the programme, not the parents.
  • Children who ARE linked with their parents: Only the parents will be able to see documents added to the programme, not he children unless the parents show them to them.
  • NA and Chapter Officials such as myCISV Coordinators, Secretaries, Programme Coordinators, ... : Unless these people are assigned a role in the programme, they will NOT see documents in the programme (except for Pre-Camp-1 which is a form)
If you or your child are a participant in the programme and still cannot see any documents provided, please do get in touch with myCISV@Support, share the programme reference number and your CISV ID with them and ask for the problem to get solved. When not having a role IN the programme one should NOT expect to see such documents; please, be advised that CISV International encourages to only add "Chapter Support" persons into the programme when barely needed (ideally no more than one or two per delegation/individual)

Travel Information Form (TIF)

I am not able to find the travel information form on myCISV in digital form or downloadable to write on. Can you please help me to locate this?
It is the little aeroplane icon on top of the tile under Participation which you are assigned to. We have published Helper Guides and Videos on our myCISV page also for TIF problems.
I am a Leader / Individual Participant. I have filled and saved my TIF. But my Staff tells me, they cannot see it. What am I doing wrong?
You probably have missed to assign participants to your TIF. Checkout this little video to understand how it works.
Am I supposed to include the stopovers in the TIF?
Nope. No need. Just put the last leg upon arrival and the first leg upon departure with the respective airports and times. It is what the staff wants to know: Where are you coming from finally? Where are you going to firstly when leaving?
I am staff member. How can I see that a form of a delegate is signed?
By the little icon in front of the Form's name in the "E Forms List" (the TAB on top in the Programme which is available to staffs). When the icon is showing a pen, the form has been commenced but not completed. When the icon is a little checkmark symbol, the form has been completed and signed and is done.
As a member of staff I am unable to see any of the TIFs even though I know that they have been filled. What do I do wrong?
Nothing. If your Leaders and Individual Participants have told you that they have filled the TIF and you still cannot see it, the reason is most probably that they have not assigned any participants to the TIF. After having done the TIF, they need to click the icon again and simply assign everybody who is travelling by that TIF. Only then you as a staff person can see the TIF. Checkout this little video to understand how it works.

eLearning and the Safeguarding Training

How can my children complete their safeguarding training?
It is important to note that children attending as a Junior Councilor will need to be unlinked from their guardians account to complete relevant safeguarding training. To unlink your child’s account, you will need to:
  • Go to the ‘details’ section of the child's profile on myCISV.
  • Click on the orange pen next to where it says ‘self-responsibility’ and follow the instructions shown.
  • The child can access using the blue button and log in with their CISVID and password to access the relevant training.
When should I unlink my child from my account?
As per the age of consent policy in CISV, children are not permitted to operate their own account until they turn 16. Once they turn 16, they can be unlinked from their parents' account. For those participating as Junior Counsellors, if their date of birth is very close to the date of departure for the programme, you will need to plan for them to complete this training between the time they turn 16 and when they depart.
I cannot find the Online Safeguarding Training - where is it?
The Online Safeguarding Training and Certification is not on myCISV but on the CISV Learning Platform. You can use it with the same login as you use on myCISV - your CISV ID and password.
GoTo and use the big blue button on top to login. Use the same username and password you are using on myCISV.
Hint:When using the same browser session as for myCISV you do not even need to give the password again!
I have successfully completed the Safeguarding training and even downloaded my certificate; still it does not show up on myCISV - what do I do wrong?
It takes a bit of time until the completed training shows up on myCISV; have a bit of patience, please; just check again after some time and it will sure show.
If not, please mail us.
Can I use the forms from my past participations? Can I use downloaded forms I still have?
No, it is not possible anymore to use previous forms. HealthForms, DIF, TIF and any Legal Form for programme participation must be completed on MyCISV. For this, the participants, leaders and else need to be assigned into their programme they are participating in. This can be done by your home Chapter or National!

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