CISV International is developing a Theory of Change which will give all of us in CISV the tools and common language to talk about who we are, what we do and the impact our work makes. This will help everyone at all levels from Chapter to Board to promote our work and provide a clear compelling narrative for potential families, donors and partners.

A small working group has been set up with a mix of volunteers, staff and board and is currently meeting weekly in order to meet a target date of end of the year for this important work for our organization.

The team are in the first phase of the work; defining our target groups, impact and outcomes.

Roadmap to the Future

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our discussion sessions this Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th November.

Save the date!

Round 1:  The Americas and EMEA 9am (EST)/2pm (UK) – 11.15am (EST)/4.15pm (UK) Saturday 13th.

Round 2: Asia Pacific 11am (WIB) – 1.15pm (WIB) Sunday 14th

These are both YouTube live events. The links are still available on our Facebook page

We hosted two different discussion sessions with panellists/ speakers from the Theory of Change working group, Governing Board and current and past volunteers. Both sessions were repeated, ’round 1′ and ’round 2′.


Session 1: CISV International and Theory of Change (TOC): What is TOC? And why is CISV creating one?

What is a Theory of Change? And why are we creating one for CISV International?

Join this session to learn about the Theory of Change, the tool that organizations use to plan and monitor their interventions. We will share a timeline and overview of the TOC process, and introduce the draft TOC designed by CISV International. We will also review definitions, components, and benefits of a well-defined TOC.

Session 2: Evolution, not revolution: Why are we doing this now?!

Why is CISV International dedicating resources to creating a Theory of Change now? How will this one tool help us evolve?

Following the introduction to CISV International’s draft TOC in Session 1, Session 2 will kick-off the consultation process for the TOC. We will explore how a TOC can help CISV evolve, first reactions to the draft TOC, and what next steps should look like.

Look out for more opportunities in the future to get involved in our discussions!