On this page you will find all the documents you need when you are planning and hosting a Mosaic.

General Information
Mosaic Worksheet
This is the official Mosaic project worksheet and the core resource for all Mosaic projects. It is to be used both before the project begins (to outline the proposal) and after it is complete (to evaluate and report against the original goals and objectives).
Mosaic Project Examples
Here you can find an example of Mosaic project for each CISV content area, which could help you while planning your own Mosaic project.

During a Mosaic Project

(When you are ready to start the planning phase of your project)
If a Chapter/project coordinator would like support from a Regional Mosaic Expert:

15th of any month

  • Contact mosaic-request@cisv.org. Include brief comments and ideas about the project. This will help us match you with a suitable Regional Team Mosaic Expert.
1st of the following month
  • The Mosaic Support Team will provide a reference number for your Mosaic project.
  • You will have been assigned a Regional Team Mosaic Expert to support you and you can start planning your Mosaic.
  • You can spend up to 3 months working with your Expert.
Before the project is due to start
  • With the support of your Regional Mosaic, submit your completed Worksheet for approval.
  • The Mosaic Support Team will send you a formal notice of Approval.
If a Chapter/project coordinator does not need support from a Regional Mosaic Expert:


  • Work with your Local Mosaic Expert to plan a Mosaic.
At least 1 month before the project is due to start
  • Submit a completed Worksheet to mosaic-request@cisv.org.
  • A Regional Team Mosaic Expert will review the Worksheet. They may contact you for clarifications about the project content during this time then make a recommendation to the Mosaic Support Team.
  • The Mosaic Support Team will contact you to confirm whether your project can be considered Mosaic.
  • The Mosaic Support Team will provide a programme reference number for your planned Mosaic project.
Where a Worksheet is submitted after the start of a project, it cannot be considered to be a Mosaic project.

After a Mosaic Project

(When your Mosaic project has now finished)

Within 2 weeks of the end of the end of the project

  • Submit a completed Mosaic Report to the Mosaic Support Team, using the report section of your Worksheet.
  • Late reports may be subject to a sanction procedure.
If your project end date is revised after being approved, please advise the Mosaic Support Team of any changes before the original end date.

Effect+ Mosaic

Through our partnership with AFS Intercultural Programs, we have developed Effect+ Mosaic, a joint project to be run by CISV and Mosaic Chapters to engage young people with the Sustainable Development Goals. With our similar mission and shared values, both organizations look forward to further cooperation. See more about Effect+ Mosaic.