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Tell us about the national programme or event you organized by completing the National Programmes and Events Report.



If you want your national programme or event registered on myCISV, please complete the myCISV registration form. This will also allow your NA or Chapter to assign participants to the programme or event. You will also be able to use the secured programme data section to exchange information with your participants via myCISV.




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Make 2020 Count!


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Organizing Chapters/ NAs

  • CISV Alsace
  • CISV Austin-San Antonio
  • CISV Auvergne
  • CISV Brandywine Valley
  • CISV Belgique
  • CISV Berlin-Brandenburg
  • CISV Campinas
  • CISV Cendrawasih
  • CISV Costa Rica
  • CISV Darmstadt
  • CISV Ecuador
  • CISV Egypt
  • CISV Ferrara
  • CISV Geneva
  • CISV Goteborg
  • CISV Halifax
  • CISV Hamburg
  • CISV Helsinki
  • CISV Isere
  • CISV Japan
  • CISV Kiel
  • CISV Krakatau
  • CISV Lithuania
  • CISV Lorrach
  • CISV Mongolia
  • CISV Padova
  • CISV Paris - Ile de France
  • CISV Provence
  • CISV Queretaro
  • CISV Quezon City
  • CISV Rhone
  • CISV Rocky Mountain Denver
  • CISV Tartu
  • CISV Thailand
  • CISV Tokai
  • CISV Trento
  • CISV Victoria (Canada)
  • CISV Vienna
  • 2020 is a year of uncertainty and disappointment all around the world.  Many participants and families will be upset they won’t get to take part in a CISV international programme and Chapters are worried that they will lose families as a result. But all is not lost…we can make 2020 count!

    Though we are hoping that the 2020 Dec-Jan programme season will be strong, with most international programmes cancelled in 2020, there can still be opportunities for educational experiences and engagement opportunities in our NAs and Chapters.

    The ‘Make 2020 Count’ Campaign

    If your Chapter or NA is organizing an event or programme, please tell us about it. We want to hear about what you organize and how many people participate. It would be great to hear from all our Chapters and NAs from around the world so that we can share both inside and outside CISV how many of these events and opportunities there were in 2020.

    What Will We Count

    • The new educational programme models. Three models will be made ready for trialling as of July
    • Other educational events (virtual and in-person)
    • Other Chapter events (virtual and in-person)
    • Mosaic