by Natascha Wermuth lermiin

 International Junior Branch project 2015 – Stand Up 

In 2012 at the International Junior Branch Conference in Paris, a new project was started. The aim of this project was to create ready-to-run activities on CISV’s content area of the year. The launch of the project was January 2013 where the group worked with the content area Human Rights and was called Right On. This developed into a new project in 2014 on the content area Diversity and was called Branch Out. In 2015 the project is continuing and this year it’s called Stand Up.

Throughout the year Stand Up will create 6 ready-to-run activities on the theme Conflict and Resolution. The activities will be shared with all of CISV and JB International, for every CISV National and Promotional Associations and for all Chapters to run with their members. Every step will deal with a subtheme of Conflict and Resolution such as: How do you define conflict? Interpersonal conflict, etc. Have a look at the first Stand Up activity on our facebook page!

The activities will be on different levels that will enable you to run the activities in different parts of the organisation, for both old and new CISVers.

All of these activities will be planned by this year’s steering group and whoever else would like to take a part in the planning of an activity. The steering group consists of active JBers from all over the world, each of them have a specific role that they will be coordinating throughout the year. These four areas are: Social media, Graphic design, Evaluation and Activity planning. If you would like to contribute to the project in any way please do not hesitate to contact us at

Throughout the year we will be collecting pictures from the activities that have been run and the numbers of participants, so please do share these with us on our online form

We hope that this project sounds interesting to you and that you would like to help us share it with your friends.

Let’s make use of this great project and run the activities throughout the year!

The Stand Up steering group are:

  • Social media: Amy Ayer & Helene Bing
  • Graphic design: Lucija Bergere & Thanaporn Lam
  • Evaluation: Paulina Jakubowska & Alia El Mazny
  • Activity planning: Björn Kåberger & Mercedes Fogarassy
  • Educational Content specialist in the IJB Team: Natascha Wermuth Iermiin


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