The Global Programme Hosting Plan is a multi-year planning tool that helps CISV maintain a stable and growing number of programmes worldwide.

By planning several years ahead and setting concrete targets, NAs and the CISV regions are given more time to plan and coordinate their future hosting offers. This helps CISV as an organization to actively work towards the number of programmes that reflect our needs and ambitions.

The plan is reviewed and analysed annually and a further year of planned programmes are added.

During the year, at the Regional Meetings, the Regions together with the Regional Coordinators for Chapter Development meet to confirm, update, and coordinate their hosting offers to match the hosting plan. If needed, the NAs can adjust the hosting offers (by adding, removing, switching, or moving programmes) to better match the plan. Any changes or additions to the hosting offers must go through the Regional Coordinator for Chapter Development, who then informs the International Office.

Global Programme Hosting Plan

Co-hosting a programme

Co-hosting a programme is an opportunity for a National Association to make a programme happen, with a cooperation, help and support of another NA. Co-hosting can also help develop relations between the NAs and also result in more diverse programmes.  A hosting Promotional Association must always have a co-host or host buddy.

Read more about co-hosting and host buddies in the Co-hosting Guide.

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