Decarbonizing CISV

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Devastating wildfires, floodings, … Evermore events demonstrate clearly that climate change already has and will have a continued adverse impact upon the planet and human activities. There is some worldwide momentum (also thanks to COP26) to reflect upon and change our behaviour as societies and individuals. Climate change also poses an ever bigger threat to CISV and at the same time CISV – by the nature of its programmes – is contributing to that overall negative impact.

The “Decarbonizing CISV” Working Group is working on tools, methods and proposals to balance CISV’s nature of activities with a decrease of our carbon footprint. Detailed information on the deliverables of this working group can be browsed on this page.

Climate Fresk


CISV is collaborating with Climate Fresk! We strive to make our educational content truly relevant in today’s changing world. With their help, it’s easier and more fun! 😊 Climate Fresk organizes workshops to help people understand the current climate issues at a global level in order to help trigger the necessary changes for the preservation of life as soon as possible. 🌿🌱🌎

Watch this space for more information on our collaboration and how we hope to involve CISVers around the world

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