Target Audience

While there is still value in engaging with members at the Chapter level, our reality has changed as a result of Covid. In addition to not having the resources to host a Global Conference, we feel that we now have to strengthen the engagement at the National and International levels first, to support them in building the Chapters, before we engage with them directly.

Governing Board

International Office Staff

International Junior Representatives (IJRs)

International Junior Branch Team Members (IJBT)

Regional Junior Branch Team Members

International Committee Members

Member Support Coordinators & Promoters

Regional Risk Managers

National / Promotional Association Representatives
(NARs & PARs)

+ One additional observer from NA/PA (optional)


Our Venue

The Global Forum 2024 will take place at the NH Eindhoven Conference Center Koningshof. Address: Locht 117, 5504 RM Veldhoven, Netherlands. Plan your trip: