This page gives you a short introduction to the CISV International structure. You can also read through the Info File for key documents on the international structure, including the Terms of References and Role Profiles.

The People Strategy was approved by the Governing Board in October 2021 and the organisation is currently going through the transition to the new structure which is represented below.

Governing Board and Secretary General

Our Governing Board is elected by the Members of CISV International, our National Associations and Junior Branch. There is an annual election of 3 Trustees, who each serve for 3 years.  The Junior Branch elect their Trustee every 3 years.

The Governing Board works closely with the Secretary General, who is the chief executive officer of the organization. Together they are responsible for the strategic direction and good governance of CISV International.

Meet the members of the Governing Board and read their latest news, updates and minutes.

Committees and Teams

There are 4 standing Committees of the Governing Board: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Finance; Governance; and Safeguarding. Board Committees focus on strategic development in their areas, are chaired by a Trustee and report directly to the Governing Board.

In addition, there are 5 Operational Committees that report to the Governing Board through the Secretary General: Communications, Fundraising & Partnerships; Education & Research; Organisational Development; Training; and Verification.

There is also an International Junior Branch Team, which has a direct relationship with the Governing Board and may have representation on all Committees. Strategic Project Teams may be established on a temporary basis to develop strategies for implementation based on the priorities of the organisation.

You can read more about our Committees here.

Senior Management Team and International Office

The Senior Management Team oversees the day-to-day work of the organization. The SMT are responsible for the work of a small, dedicated staff team. Collectively they form the International Office.

Member Support

Member Support is provided by our Infrastructure & Administration and Regional Support teams.  CISV International has three administrative regions – Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Each of these regions is served by our Regional Teams consisting of Member Support Coordinators, Regional Risk Managers and a team of volunteers who provide support in the areas of Organisational Development, Educational Programmes, Training and Risk Management & Safeguarding.

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Honorary Counsellors

CISV International benefits from the advice and assistance of several dedicated Honorary Counsellors.  These are people with at least 15 years of experience working in positions of high responsibility in CISV International and who have decided to reduce their level of active participation in the work of CISV International. Such people may be nominated for this honour. Honorary Counsellors are elected by our Members so that their expertise and global perspective can be shared for the benefit of CISV.

They will assist in promoting the mission, values and vision of CISV International, compliance with legal and internal requirements and protecting the reputation of the organization.  For example, they may be asked to:

  • Advise on particular issues
  • Mediate disputes
  • Serve on special taskforces or at a CISV meeting or event
  • Represent CISV and serve as ambassadors of the organization.

Our Honorary Counsellors are:

  • Jim Beaumont
  • Hinrich Fock
  • Junko Imanishi
  • Cathy Knoop
  • Arne Lankoff
  • David Lister
  • Peter McKay
  • Nati Toribio