This page gives you a short introduction to the CISV International structure and some even shorter, easy-to-read, one-page ‘infosheets’ to download and share.  You can also read through all of the key documents for the international structure, including the Terms of References and Role Profiles.
The Big Picture

It can be hard to imagine how this all works; so we hope this organizational diagram will help.

Governing Board and Secretary General

The Members of CISV International, our National Associations and Junior Branch, elect our Governing Board. There is an annual election of 3 Trustees, who each run for 3 years.  The Junior Branch elect their Trustee every 3 years.

The Governing Board works closely with the Secretary General, who is the chief executive officer of the organization. Together they are responsible for the strategic direction and good governance of CISV International.

Meet the members of the Governing Board and read their latest news, updates and minutes.

Standing Committees of the Governing Board

There are 5 Standing Committees of the Governing Board; Chapter Development, Educational Programmes, Training and Quality Assurance, Conferences and Events, and Resources and Infrastructure. There is also  an International Junior Branch Team, which has a direct relationship with the Governing Board. Each of the Committees is chaired by a Trustee and includes volunteers and senior staff. Every Committee also includes a member of the International Junior Branch Team. The Committees focus on the strategic development of their focus areas and report directly to the Governing Board.

Senior Management Team

A Senior Management Team oversees the day-to-day work of the organization.

Regional Delivery Teams

CISV International has three administrative Regions – Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, Middle-East and Africa. Each of these Regions is served by our Regional Delivery Teams, which are led by specialist Regional Coordinators. The Regional Delivery Teams are for Chapter Development, Educational Programmes, and Training and Quality Assurance and there is also a Regional Coordinator for Conference and Events.

For most CISVers, this will be where you will notice a big difference – more support, training and networking in your Region from people who understand your Region and how things work. You will get to meet the people from these Teams at Regional Meetings and Regional Training Forums and you will be able to contact them directly for advice and support.

Going Forward: Regional Delivery Teams (info sheet)

Contact your Regional Delivery Teams

CISV Global Conference

In 2015 CISV International held the first Global Conference, which was hosted by CISV Norway. Representatives from every Chapter were invited. The Global Conference is an amazing opportunity to meet other CISVers, attend training and share best practices.

Check out the 2018 Global Conference website here.

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