Governing Board

The Governing Board is made up of 9 elected Trustees. Together with the Secretary General, the Governing Board sets the strategic direction and oversees the good governance of CISV International. Among other responsibilities, this includes supporting and evaluating the Secretary General and safeguarding our assets. The Governing Board reports to the Members of CISV International, our National Associations.


The Governing Board generally meets between 8-10 times per year. Most meetings last 3-4 hours and are virtual. There are 1-2 in-person meetings annually, lasting for 3 days each. These are usually held in the UK. Additionally, 1-2 Trustees attend each of the three regional CISV meetings, and one Trustee sometimes attends the International Junior Branch Conference.

Governing Board Year

Meetings for the September 2023 to August 2024 Governing Board year will be as follows:

Start Date End Date Days Start (UK time) End (UK time) Virtual/In-person
16 September 2023 17 September 2023 Sat, Sun 13:00 17:30 Virtual
14 October 2023 14 October 2023 Sat 13:30 17:30 Virtual
10 November 2023 13 November 2023 Fri-Mon 08:30 16:30 In-Person
14 January 2024 14 January 2024 Sun 13:30 17:30 Virtual
17 February 2024 18 February 2024 Sat, Sun 13:30 17:30 Virtual
9 March 2024 9 March 2024 Sat 13:30 17:30 Virtual
27 April 2024 27 April 2024 Sat 13:30 14:30 Virtual
8 June 2024 9 June 2024 Sat 13:30 17:30 Virtual
20 July 2024 20 July 2024 Sat 13:30 14:30 Virtual
6 August 2024 6 August 2024 Tue 11:00 13:00 In-Person
17 August 2024 17 August 2024 Sat 13:30 14:30 Virtual

Minutes from all Governing Board Meetings are available here. You can see details of the Committees of the Governing Board and links to committee meeting minutes at the bottom of this page. Get in touch: contact the Governing Board.

Meet our Governing Board

Tanya Pérez Echeverría

Secretary General

Mary Rae Shantz

3 year term: 2021-2024

Emma Meurling

3 year term: 2023-2026

Grace Vottero

3 year term: 2021-2024

Marlien McKay

1 year term: 2023-2024

Nicole Offergeld

3 year term: 2022-2025

Yurek McKelligan

3 year term: 2022-2025

Natasha Clarita

3 year term: 2022-2025

Anirudh Singh

3 year term: 2023-2026

Florentine Versteeg

1 year term: 2023-2024

Committees and Teams

Board Committees

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
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Finance Committee
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Governance Committee

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Safeguarding and Risk Management Committee

Election Committee

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The Election Committee is a sub-group of the Governance Committee.

  • Natasha Clarita, Chair
  • Simon Clear, Administration Officer
  • Anne Marie Dimalanta

Operational Committees

Communications, Fundraising and Partnerships Committee
Please note this Committee has not yet been formed.

Education and Research Committee
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Organisational Development Committee
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Training Committee
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Verification Committee
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International Junior Branch Team
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Strategic Project Teams

2024 International Meeting Strategic Project Team
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  • Florentine Versteeg, Chair
Strategy and Clarity Working Group
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  • Florentine Versteeg
  • Grace Vottero
  • Tanya Pérez Echeverría, Secretary General
Decarbonizing CISV
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  • Anirudh Singh, Decarbonizing CISV Liaison
Training Strategy Project Team
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