Staffing. Is it for you?

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A CISV programme relies entirely on people

– from the hosting Chapter and all the support they give, to the parents who trust us to take their children on an educational experience, to the Leaders that ensure educational content is being delivered. The committed team of staff are some of the most important volunteers in a CISV programme. As a staff, you will be a chauffeur, an executive chef, a performer, a therapist, a plumber, a gate-keeper, a banker, a nurse, an event planner, a general, a teacher, a friend, and so many more things. Your work might happen in the shadows and sometimes you won’t be able to attend the activities or witness the progress of each participant, but you will make sure that all those things happen and that everyone in the programme is safe.

“Signing up to be a staff is no easy decision. However, as staff in an international programme, you have the opportunity to guide the participants and adults in their educational experience.”
– Angela Parra (Colombia) – Americas’ Educational Programmes Regional Coordinator


It’s hard to pinpoint all the daily tasks of a staff. You will go to sleep late and wake up early, plan activities, and guide both Leaders and participants through programme life. You will help participants to change the way they see the world and to connect with friends all over the globe.


It is likely that you will create a very strong bond with the leadership group, both as coworkers and as friends. After all, you will need to communicate well because you will share the practical responsibilities of your programme!


Without you and your attitudes, skills, and knowledge, a CISV programme wouldn’t be possible these coming months. This is an opportunity to give yourself the chance to explore an important side of CISV and to expand your comfort zone. CISV needs you and we can promise you that being a staff will help you discover new parts of yourself.


Step outside of your comfort zone into the learning experience of staffing a programme. Come join a CISV programme as an international staff!

We promise, it’s worth it.

Take a look at our Open International Programme Staff Opportunities ?

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