Programme Review

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Update: July 2019

The Board held two Town Halls on the Guiding Principles and Interchange. You can find links to the recordings of the meetings in the IO Update. We have also included questions asked in the meetings and our answers to the FAQs (see the link below).

Download:  2019 Regional Meeting Programme Review presentation.

What’s happening next

We will be hold the next Town Halls in September 2019 – we’ll bring you the dates and topics soon. Also in September 2019, we will send a resource package to each NA to help them consider the impact of implementing the recommendations.

If  you have any questions about the Programme Review Recommendations, please email the Governing Board.

For more information, visit Programme Review FAQs.


The Programme Review Process

The project , which was undertaken by consultants PwC and an internal team, was planned for three phases that took place over approximately a year:

Phase 1 Early Assessment, from December 2017 to March 2018. This involved a great deal of research by the consultants, based on CISV documentation and external data. It gave us the foundation for the work in the next phase.

Phase 2 Deep Dive, from March to December 2018 – where we looked into things in much greater detail. We ran a workshop at each 2018 Regional Meeting to explain the process, share some early findings, and asked for input and questions. The focus of this Phase was to seek input from our stakeholders across the organization, particularly to understand the local contexts for hosting and participating in our programmes. Then, from May – December, we sent out surveys, organized small-group virtual workshops, and other forums for discussion and input. This included a session at the Global Conference, where we presented the early findings for discussion.

Phase 3 Consolidation, from December 2018 to February 2019. The consultants finished their internal and external analysis work and pulled together all the information and input they have got from CISV and CISVers. The internal team did the same. They sent their reports and recommendations to the Board. The Board approved the recommendations and published them.

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