Jacob Przeklasa
Programmes and Operations Lead


Jacob has been appointed as a Programmes and Operations Lead in March 2024. He is a community engagement, volunteer involvement and project management professional with extensive experience in supporting organisations to structure, develop and deliver social participation programmes.

Originally from Poland, Jacob has been living in the UK since 2003. Over his career, Jacob has worked on projects in areas such as active citizenship, corporate volunteering, community development, homelessness and health. He is also an avid volunteer himself and gets involved in coaching water sports at the local Youth Sailing Club in London, teaching First Aid Skills at the homeless charity, serving as a trustee on a board of the participation promoting charity and is a volunteer crew at the water search and rescue unit.

As a Human Rights Lawyer by education, Jacob strongly believes in the power of social involvement and participation and has found an instant alignment with the CISV values and mission.

In his spare time, and when not volunteering, you will find Jacob heading for outdoors for either a run, cycle or a sail.