Carmen Mendoza Losada
Regional Manager


Hello everyone! My name is Carmen Mendoza, I’m based in Madrid and have been an active volunteer in CISV Spain for many years. I know from experience that volunteers have a massive impact on the people involved in our programmes/activities and this truly motivates me. Throughout my time as part of CISV, I have taken on many different roles within my local Chapter and NA. I’ve been a leader and staff on multiple occasions, organizing local and national minicamps or workshops, LIC, a national trainer, NJR, NA Vice President, and NA President. Each role allowed me to develop different skills and I feel very honoured to have been trusted to carry out so many different responsibilities as part of a supportive team.

I am incredibly excited to begin my new role as EMEA’s Regional Manager in CISV International. CISV has represented a before and after in my career, offering me a vehicle to promote education, inclusion, and social justice in different roles. It has provided me with a platform to develop my leadership and management skills and taught me to see education as something fun and interesting, and not just something that is found in books. I am thrilled to bring my creativity into this role, start questioning how we can look at our processes differently and become an innovative organization that transcends extracurricular activities for children. This opportunity presents a profound chance to inspire, lead, and contribute to positive change on a global scale. I am eager to collaborate with each of you in the region, harnessing our collective creativity to drive impactful initiatives and create lasting change. I believe that together, we can embark on an exciting journey of growth, empowerment, and transformation.

Un abrazo grande a todos!/ Big hug for everyone!