Carmen Mendosa Losada
Member Administrator


Hello everyone! My name is Carmen Mendoza, I’m based in Madrid and have been an active volunteer in CISV Spain for many years. I know from experience that volunteers have a massive impact on the people involved in our programmes/activities and this truly motivates me. Throughout my time as part of CISV, I have taken on many different roles within my local Chapter and NA. I’ve been a leader and staff on multiple occasions, organizing local and national minicamps or workshops, LIC, a national trainer, NJR, NA Vice President, and NA President. Each role allowed me to develop different skills and I feel very honoured to have been trusted to carry out so many different responsibilities as part of a supportive team.

Right now, I’m very happy to be taking on a new role as part of the Training and Education Team as a Member Administrator. In this role, my focus will be on different training aspects and Programme Guides, working alongside other amazing people to establish healthy, practical, and realistic protocols and ensure we can keep doing what we all do best—continuing to inspire action across the globe and work in a way our community can enjoy. It feels really encouraging that am part of a project of this scale. It means a lot to have the chance to keep delivering experiences that advocate for building a more just and peaceful world.

Un abrazo grande a todos!/ Big hug for everyone!