All participants in CISV International Programmes are automatically covered by the CISV Travel Insurance.


In 2023, there is coverage available for: International Programmes and Events, and for National Programmes and Events. Depending on the programme’s length or event length, price and coverage vary. See the policy for more information.

You have 24-hour worldwide coverage from the time of leaving your home until your return. Here are some of the main things covered and the Insurance Product Information Document for International participants, and National participants. For details, please see the policy document.

The cost of insurance is included in programme participation fees and is based on the length of the programme.

There is no deductible (i.e. excess) that you have to pay on any claims.

We also have an Insurance FAQ for 2023 which we hope answers any additional questions, if you have further general questions please let us know at For questions regarding the cover and claims, please contact

Period covered

You are covered for the entire period of your CISV international programme or meeting, travel days to and from the event, plus up to 10 extra days of leisure travel (when in line with CISV International Basic Programme Rules).

Making a Claim or Getting Urgent Assistance

All claims under the CISV Travel Insurance are handled by a company called Intana.

If you need urgent assistance in a serious or emergency situation, it is important to contact them directly and as soon as possible. For more minor situations, you may just need to submit a written claim form later on.

Please see N-04 CISV Travel Insurance – How to Start or make a Claim for full details on how to contact Intana, what you need to do to make a claim and what you can expect in different types of situations.

For your convenience, there is also a visual summary of how to start a claim in N-04A Flowchart – CISV Travel Insurance – How to Start a Claim.

If you need to submit a written claim, please use the CISV Travel Insurance Claim Form (valid from 2023).

Crisis Management

The CISV Travel Insurance includes coverage for emergency services to advise in crisis situations.  A company called Crisis 24, formerly known as Drum Cussac, will provide these services and has professionals with relevant backgrounds. This service is not for everyday claims but is meant for actual or threatened security incidents which would increase the risk of injury, illness or death of CISVers covered by the insurance. If you are a Risk Manager, please see N-04B CISV Travel Insurance – Crisis Management for information on when and how to contact Crisis 24.

Further Documents

If you are looking for a “Notice of Insurance”, this is now known as a Claims Guidance document and can be found here. Please give a copy to all of your participants and ask them to carry it with them when they travel. It provides basic information about insurance, such as the policy number and claim contacts.