All participants in CISV International Programmes are automatically covered by the CISV Travel Insurance.

This page serves as your go-to resource for understanding coverage, costs and procedures associated with our Travel Insurance Policy for 2024.

Questions or concerns about Travel Insurance? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions document or reach out to the International Risk Management and Safeguarding Team at

Coverage Inclusions: 

Duration and scope: 

  • 24 hour worldwide coverage from departure/leaving your home to return.
  • Coverage extends up to 10 extra days for leisure travel (in line with the International Basic Programme rules).

Cost and Deductibles: 

  • Travel Insurance cost is included in the programme fees, determined by the programmes length. See Info File C-10 International Fee Structure for full details.
  • There is no deductible (excess) that you have to pay on any claims.

Claims and Assistance: 

Crisis Management 

  • Emergency services are provided by Crisis24 for actual or threatened security incidents which would increase risk of injury, illness or death.

Claims Guidance

  • Please give a copy of the Travel Insurance Claim Guidance to all of your participants and ask them to carry it with them when they travel. It provides basic information about insurance, such as the policy number and claim contacts.