Effect+ Mosaic is a joint project with CISV and AFS Intercultural Programs.

Effect+ Mosaic has been designed to be run together by CISV and AFS Chapters, in locations where both are present. You can also run the Mosaic project on its own.

Effect+ Mosaic projects are currently being trialled in Chapters around the world. Check back here for updates.

If your Chapter would like to trial this project, either as a standalone Mosaic, or as part of the Effect+ Mosaic partnership, please get in touch.

What is the Effect+ Mosaic Programme?

Building on AFS’s Effect+ workshops and the CISV Mosaic project approach, the Effect+ Mosaic Programme is a community outreach and learning programme that uses interactive methods to engage young people with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It equips them to launch local social impact projects to advance the SDGs and begin or continue their journey in Active Global Citizenship.

How does the Effect+ Mosaic Programme work?

A grassroots initiative, CISV and AFS teams have worked together to build a 2-part programme designed for local CISV and AFS Chapters to adapt, customize, and use -- on their own, together, or with additional partners. There are project manuals complete with how-to information, planning materials, experiential learning lesson plans, and more to help volunteers run the Effect+ Mosaic Programme.

Why the Effect+ Mosaic Programme?

Programmes such as Effect+ Mosaic support the global movement to advance intercultural learning and global citizenship education, and AFS' and CISV’s leadership role in it. The Effect+ Mosaic Programme can help both CISV and AFS Chapters alike to:

  • Support both our missions and visions
  • Reach more people in order to activate more global citizens
  • Strengthen relationships with existing school partners
  • Gain introductions to and welcome new school partners
  • Advocate with the local national UN/UNESCO commission in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 (Quality Education) & #16 (Peace, Justice and Stronger Institutions)
  • Gain positive visibility
  • Help fundraising efforts
  • Effect+Mosaic Support Materials

    Click here to download the Effect+ Mosaic Support Materials.


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