NA and Chapter Roles & Guides

Most of the documents and guides you need to be able to run your NA or Chapter successfully can be found in this section of Resources.  You will also see quick links through to other information and areas of the website that may be of use to you.

For a detailed search of all CISV forms, guides, policies and other documents, please see the Document Search.

See the Global Hosting Plan for current and future programme hosting offers.

Support in your region

You can get support from dedicated CISV volunteers in your region to help you with running and developing your NA or Chapter and hosting programmes.

Introducing the Sharing Box

CISVers are good at working together to solve challenges.  Maybe you have a great tip for recruiting host families. Or you are particularly proud of your school permission template.  You might have helpful ideas for recruiting volunteers and engaging parents.

Sharing Box provides an easy way for you to share your ideas, tips, and best practices with the rest of CISV.  Your brilliant ideas can help CISVers around the world and and encourage Chapter growth and development.

Email us at  or fill in the official Sharing Box form here.


To help you run your NA or Chapter successfully, you need to make sure that you have a number of people in place to undertake some essential roles.

The suggested role descriptions here will help you to find the right people for the work. If you are someone who is interested in taking on one of these roles, the descriptions give you a good understanding of what would be expected of you.

NA/Chapter Role Descriptions 

Promotional Associations

CISV International has a dedicated support system for its new, Promotional Associations. 

The Guide for CISV Promotional Associations gives you all the information you need when you are starting up as a new member association of CISV International.

Promotional Association Guide

A Promoter is someone who takes responsibility for supporting and helping a Promotional Association.

A ‘Buddy’ is a group of people from a specific Chapter or National Association who help and support a Promotional Association in their growth process, providing manpower assistance and, in some cases, financial help.

Promoters and Buddies

  • are the prime international contact to the Promotional Association
  • give support, coordinate, and act as facilitator for local people in the Promotional Association
  • establish long lasting friendships
  • help the Promotional Association in their growth processes
  • guide the Promotional Association on their way to become a full member of CISV International

The Promoter/Buddy works closely with your Regional Coordinator.

For more information about Promoters and Buddies:

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