We understand that there is still much that is uncertain about next year and things that we cannot control. But, we want to focus on what is in within our control and what we can do together as an organization. This year, we’ve seen many Chapters and National Associations working creatively to Make 2020 Count with a mix of in-person national programmes and virtual activities. And a number of National Associations explored what was possible with our December – January season.

All of us are looking ahead to 2021. Many of you have started having conversations in your Chapters and National Associations about 2021 in-person international programs. Every Chapter and National Association has a different reality and needs to make its own decisions; and it is important in a year like this that we are all aligned and working towards a common goal, as a global organization.

We are inviting Chapters, Members (including International Junior Branch) and international volunteers and staff to join us in a WebEx townhall on Saturday 21 November 13:30 (UK time) to discuss our 2021 programme seasons. This is the week before the Governing Board’s next meeting and your contribution will help to guide discussions.

For the meeting details

Please contact either your National Secretary or your International Junior Branch representative.