CISV International Volunteer Agreement

Supporting and helping CISV International to fulfil its mission.

Welcome. Thank you for taking on a volunteer role for CISV International.

As a volunteer organization we value and rely on people like you around the world: in our programmes, our Chapters, our National Associations or helping out with the work of CISV International. Whatever their CISV role, our volunteers and paid staff are all committed and contribute to our mission of educating and inspiring action for a more just and peaceful world.

Our Values

We all seek to create a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment, working and behaving in line with our values. We are:

  • Engaged – we show up, participates and learn with a positive attitude; are proactive, available, prepared and reliable
  • Inclusive – open, culturally sensitive, accept and respect other people and cultures
  • Enthusiastic – interested in doing the job, committed, bring energy and passion to our roles
  • Cooperative – want to work together and support each other toward our common goal
  • Friendly – seek to find a common bond and treat people with kindness

CISV International agrees we will:

  • Provide a role profile or other similar document that outlines your responsibilities
  • Prepare you with orientation about CISV, your role and CISV standards
  • Make clear whom you should report to and who will work closely with you and discuss your role, including any successes and challenges
  • Provide appropriate insurance coverage while you are doing approved work, including travel insurance when you request it for travel on behalf of CISV International
  • Repay any approved expenses you incur in fulfilling your responsibilities, in line with our expenses procedures
  • Try to resolve fairly any problems, complaints and difficulties you may have or that someone may have with you
  • Do our best to support you and help you develop in your volunteering role with us

You, the volunteer, agree you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with any role profile or Terms of Reference relating to your position
  • Participate in any training deemed necessary by CISV International
  • Perform your volunteer role to the best of your ability, with honesty and integrity
  • Follow the organization’s policies and procedures; in particular, you will familiarize yourself and comply with our Behaviour Policy (including the Adult Code of Behaviour and rules on Communicating with and about Children) and our Child Protection Policy and Procedures
  • Support decisions of your team or of CISV International even if your views differ
  • Ask questions or for help if you need it
  • Respect, be courteous and supportive of your colleagues and anyone else you come into contact with as part of your role
  • Respect any sensitive or confidential information
  • Meet agreed time commitments and, when not possible, give reasonable notice so that other arrangements can be made
  • You may have other roles in CISV, including in your National Association or Chapter. When you are acting within your CISV International role, you will put the interests of CISV International first. If you feel that your other roles or loyalties affect your ability to act in the interests of CISV International (make you ‘conflicted’), you will tell your team leader and, if appropriate, step back from dealing with the specific matter.

This agreement is binding in honour only, is not intended to be a legally binding contract or create an employment relationship between us.  It is designed to outline our volunteer relationship and how we work and behave toward each other and the organization. Therefore, failure to comply with it may lead to limitations on your involvement or ending your volunteer relationship with CISV International.