The National and Promotional Associations and Junior Branches of the CISV EMEA region have established a fund to:

  • help strengthen the region; and
  • support activities that fall outside of the classic programme-scope of CISV.

The EMEA Regional Fund is driven by the members of the EMEA region. It is separate to any regional fundraising initiatives that are carried out through CISV International, although both might benefit from each other in the future.

The original documents, approved by vote in August 2017, include the Motion Form and Terms of Reference.

Apply for funding

To apply for funding, please first read the Application Process carefully. The process tells you who can apply and what sort of projects meet the funding criteria.

You must use the EMEA Regional Fund Grant Application Form.

There are three annual deadlines: 15 January, 15 May and 15 October.

If you have any questions, please email