CISV’s Leader Recruitment campaign focuses on promoting the benefits of leading within CISV programmes to new audiences. It aims to generate interest among potential leaders and to increase the amount of volunteers CISV Chapters have for these positions. Are you ready to lead? is a call to action for prospect adult volunteers encouraging them to join CISV for either the professional benefits or the community our organization has. This campaign also looks to feature leader experiences and the impact CISV has had on them.


Open your mind to new cultures


Broaden your horizons


Build an international network


Inspire action

Key messages

Being a leader in a CISV programme is a big volunteer commitment, and requires a significant amount of time and energy leading up to and during the programme season. We’ve identified four main personal and professional benefits of being a leader.

This campaign will highlight these benefits:

1. Open your mind to new cultures

Attending a CISV programme is an immersive intercultural experience. As a leader, you might travel to a new place or you may attend a camp closer to home. Wherever you are, you will work with adults and children from many different countries, experience new cultures, and make international friendships that will last a lifetime. You will expand your worldview, and learn about different customs, traditions, and ways of life. You will also work closely with an international team.

2. Build an international network

After participating in a programme, you will have friends in many countries around the world. These relationships are special and long-lasting. Many CISVers meet up with people they met in programmes decades later!

Becoming a leader also means you can join the CISV International Alumni Association. This gives you access to our exclusive online community of alumni, where you can network, find a mentor, get career advice and more.

3. Inspire Action

A leader’s job is to help participants get the most out of their programme. Leaders are part teacher, part buddy, part travel guide, and part cheerleader. In this role, you get to make a lasting impact on the children and youth you lead. You will actively contribute to CISV’s mission to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world.

4. Broaden your horizons

Being a leader can have an impact that reaches far beyond programme season.
  • Professionally: Having international volunteer experience on your CV shows prospective employers that you are culturally sensitive and globally-minded qualities that employers value in an increasingly globalised world. Experience abroad demonstrates independence, adaptability, and eagerness to learn. As a leader, you will gain attitudes, skills, and knowledge that can give you an edge on competition and help you take your career to the next level.
  • In Your Studies: Becoming a leader and experiencing a programme can influence your academic life. Many past leaders have gone on to study new languages or to focus on new subject areas that they became interested in during their CISV experience.
  • Within CISV: Who says your CISV experience has to end after your programme ends? After being a leader, there are many ways you can stay involved in the organization. Volunteer at your local chapter. Join Junior Branch. Join a Committee or working group, or apply to be a leader again in another programme.
Social media share pack | Ready to Run Campaign

Use these resources to spread the word and help make this campaign bigger. If you don’t have much time, you can use the sample share text and graphics.

It’s also important for everyone to tell their own #CISV leading stories and what you have learned from it beyond friends and an amazing experience. You can use the visual and style guide below to create your own content as well.

Ready-to-run campaign for Chapters and National Associations

This ready-to-run campaign complements the key messages we are communicating. It revolves around some of attitudes, skills, and knowledge a #CISV leader can acquire with CISV.

Campaign resources


The social media hashtags are #ReadyToLead and #CISV — use it when sharing your own stories and content.

Create your own

Got some time and want to create your own content? Make sure you are aware of Looking Good - CISV Branding Guidelines

A specific Visual and Style Guide has been developed to guide you in the creation of content aligned with our leader recruitment campaign. You can download the campaign Visual and Style Guide here.

Open source files for some of the resources are available to download here if you would like to create your own versions and translation of the files.

If your Chapter or National Association needs support please email Profile Raising.