Welcome to the CISV Branding page!


On this page, you can find design resources, templates, and official logos for your country, including National Association, Chapter, and Junior Branch logos. Before using, modifying, or creating your own designs with the CISV brand, please see Looking Good for guidance on how you should use our brand on publications, website, and merchandise.


If you have any questions about CISV branding, please get in touch with the Communications Team.

CISV Brand

Official fonts
You can download the CISV official fonts here.  If you need help installing these files on your computer, search online for instructions specific to your operating system (and which version you use) and computer. We've included a couple of links below but there will be plenty of others.
Colour Palette
You can also download an .ase file with our colour palette for use in design programmes.  The RGB and HEX codes for all colour tints can be found here CISV Complete Colour Palette Guide.


Updated versions of the CISV letterhead, business card, and compliment slip templates are available below:
Email Signatures
You can now add our new CISV Email Signatures to the bottom of your emails, find the one that works for you here

Design Resources

Brush Stroke Collection
If you would like to use our Brush Stroke Collection on your designs you can download a the full coloured collection of .png files here.

If you would like to use a professional design software, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, we have a vector file artboard available.

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