In 2020, CISV International launched three national programme models: a Village-based model, a Step-Up based model, and a Day-based model.

In addition to our international educational programmes, CISV International is developing a range of national programme models that can be organized and run by Chapters and National Associations at a local or national level. Supporting our mission of educating and inspiring for a more just and peaceful world, these models can help us broaden our reach and widen our accessibility.

These national programme models are educational experiences and therefore have to meet certain criteria.

  • They are planned, delivered and evaluated by CISVers in accordance with CISV’s educational principles.
  • They apply our experiential learning method.
  • They have defined educational goals and indicators.
  • They integrate educational evaluation.
  • They link to one or more of CISV’s peace education content areas.

We count as participants those who complete the CISV educational experience. They can be current Chapter members or non-members.

Each programme model has specific and required criteria that define it.

However, they also provide recommendations and variations to give a Chapter or National Association some flexibility to adapt the model to their unique circumstances.

There are three national educational programme models: a Village-based model, a Step-Up based model, and a Day-based model.

If your Chapter or National Association decides to organize this programme model, please tell us about it by completing the National Programmes and Events Report. If you have any questions, please contact


Is your child taking part in a national programme?

With 70 years experience of organizing programmes for children and teenagers, you can be assured of the highest level of supervision and safety for your child. Read more about your child and CISV.

Want to take part or send your child to a national programme? Contact your CISV National Association.