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Every International Peoples Project (IPP) is different. Project themes are developed by responding to an identified need within a community, and run in partnership with a local organization.


Brazil - Who owns the city? (3 to 22 January 2021)

Who owns the city? : promoting the use of cultural spaces by socially excluded groups

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Where and When

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 3 to 22 January 2021.

Educational Content Area

Human Rights

Project Description

The IPP will explore the theme of integration of socially excluded groups. Volunteering in a Favela as staff for the partner organization’s Eco Summer Programme, participants will implement educational and cultural activities with the children of the community. They will be invited to break previous concepts and stereotypes of the favela people as socially excluded, underprivileged groups, in such an unequal country such as Brazil.

The partner organization, Grupo Eco, is a cultural non-profit organization that works to promote and support initiatives aimed at the full human development of people in the Santa Marta Favela. Their annual summer programme mobilizes over 250 youth and 40 volunteers each year, bringing access to the cultural and leisure spaces of the city.

Through training, and the partner’s expertise, participants will learn good practices promoted by Grupo Eco regarding access to the city; and through the activities hosted in camp discussions, they shall reflect on the theme of integration of socially excluded groups in their own cities.

Participant Profile

Participants should ideally:

  • be open minded, resourceful, and non-judgmental.
  • be culturally sensitive and should be capable to communicate using non-verbal ways.
  • be open to exchanging knowledge and learning new practices.
  • previous work, or volunteering experience with children and adolescents would be an asset.
  • be willing to prepare an activity sharing a perspective or example of the theme from their own country or community.
How to take part

Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2020-002 Brazil

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