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Every International Peoples Project (IPP) is different. Project themes are developed by responding to an identified need within a community, and run in partnership with a local organization.

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Egypt - Sustainable Development (December 2018 to January 2019)

By the Sea: Preserving marine life and developing the community through research, awareness and micro-projects

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Where and When
Mara Alam, Egypt. 28 December 2018 to 18 January 2019.
Educational Content Area
Sustainable Development
Project Description
Participants will assist a growing international team of scientists and industry experts focused on protecting and preserving the natural resources of the Red Sea, as well as promoting sustainable practices. This IPP aims to assist CISV Egypt’s new partner organization, HEPCA, in three main areas.
  • Support in the ongoing research of sea turtles and conservation efforts.
  • Develop a plastic-free campaign through artistic expression.
  • Create an experiential learning curriculum focusing on plastic usage education.
HEPCA (Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association), our partner organization for this IPP, is a non-profit NGO working in the field of environmental conservation and protection of the coral reefs, land ecosystems and the coastline of the Red Sea in Egypt.  Since 1995, HEPCA has been at the forefront of lobbying for legislation to protect their local environment, instigating research and grass-roots mobilization, tackling human waste that plagues the Red Sea and continuing to raise public awareness through community activities to encourage sustainability amongs local Bedouins.

Participants in this IPP will learn how to constructively engage in ongoing projects led by a local NGO while developing public environmental awareness and education tools. Participants will also learn about life below water in the Red Sea, responsible consumption, and the inner workings of an institution lobbying to protect our environment. The IPP Staff hope that the attitudes, skills, and knowledge learned will be applied in the participants’ own communities after completion of the project.

Participant Profile
Participants should ideally:
  • be interested in environmental stability
  • be able to work in teams
  • be willing to create experience-based activities focusing on waste management and education
  • creative and artistic
  • have a solution based mindset
How to take part
Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2018-005 Egypt
India - Diversity (December 2018 to January 2019)

Let's go for sports : A tool for personal development and community living

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Where and When

India. 27 December 2018 to 9 January to 2019.

Educational Content Area


Project Description

This IPP will explore how sports can be used as a tool for both individual and group development.

In India, sport is not valued as much as many other countries. However, it has huge potential to improve health, well-being and both personal and community development.

Participants will help build or renovate a sport infrastructure for the use of an underprivileged community, whilst learning about the challenges faced in accessing sports facilities and quality educational programs. The participants will also lead activities, games and sports sessions with children from the partner school. They will share practices and educational materials with local teachers, as well as discover Indian sports among the children.

The IPP will work with Nehru Education Society (NES). It is an educational institution teaching 300 children from Grades 7-12th. Do not have any sports development due to lack of equipment and teaching skills.

CISV's approach to building global friendship and living together will be used to highlight the opportunity for sports and games to contribute to social inclusion.

(Hosted by CISV India and CISV France)

Participant Profile

Participants should ideally:

  • Be open minded.
  • Be physically able to contribute in the creation/improvement a sport infrastructure.
  • Be willing to interact with local people from different backgrounds, especially underprivileged.
  • Be prepared to share their sport/games local culture and contribute to leading classes.
  • Have a CISV background or practical understanding of CISVs educational approach, to help share or create activities lined to the theme.
How to take part

Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2018-006 India

Myanmar - Conflict Resolution (December 2018 to January 2019)

Overcoming boundaries : understanding identity, breaking prejudices and community building

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Where and When

Myanmar. 22 December 2018 to 4 January to 2019.

Educational Content Area

Conflict Resolution.

Project Description

In this IPP will learn about the different cultures and conflicts existing within Myanmar, a country with over 135 ethnic groups, and reflect on how differences and conflicts can be overcome.

Organizing a camp for children from different ethnic backgrounds, participants will establish a camp in which the differences are less important than the bonds everyone can make with each other. Participants will also visit a local orphanage that has many different ethnic groups’ orphans, from different backgrounds and speaking different languages. Communication problems between the children can make it difficult to establish trusting relationships. Participants and children from the camp will plan activities to help build trust.p>

The Khayay School is a leader in cultural empathy education through their multilingual curriculum, bridging students, families and faculties from different backgrounds to create a holistic learning environment.

Any successful outcomes will be used to offer hope during the Rohingya crisis.

(Hosted by CISV Myanmar and CISV Japan)

Participant Profile

Participants should ideally:

  • Able to communicate in non-verbal ways.
  • Be interested in multi linguistic education.
  • Be able to respect each culture and understand about the diversity.
  • Be willing to act to make global friendship.
How to take part

Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPP P-2018-007 Myanmar

2019 - Sneak Preview!

Coming Soon

  • Sweden.  Creating Safe Environments.  (25 June to 12 July 2019)
  • Czech Republic.  Lift Each Other Up.  (13 to 27 July 2019)
  • Portugal.  Building Bridges.  (26 July to 11 August 2019)
  • Italy.  Peaceful Fights.  (4 to 18 August 2019)
  • Japan.  Stories of Fukushima.  (11 to 24 August 2019)
Contact your nearest CISV National Association and register your interest for IPPs in 2019

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