​Our organisation relies on our volunteers to plan and run safe, high-quality programmes for youth.​

The CISV International Volunteers Awards are just one way we recognise the significant contributions that our volunteers make to our organisation.

An award will be presented annually to an individual or team of individuals operating at each of the following levels: Chapter, National, and International.​

A fourth award is for a single individual that may be selected from any level of the organisation to receive the Dr. Jennifer Watson Outstanding Contribution Award.


Recipients and Nominees 2022

Description of awards

Chapter Volunteer Award
Recognizes individuals or teams of Chapter volunteers who have developed their Chapter through outstanding commitment, ongoing volunteer efforts, and inspirational ideas, approaches, or leadership while maintaining the CISV Values.
National Volunteer Award
Recognizes individuals or teams of National volunteers who have developed their NA or PA through outstanding commitment, ongoing volunteer efforts, and inspirational ideas, approaches, or leadership while maintaining the CISV Values.
International Volunteer Award
Recognizes Committees, Teams, or individual contributors who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of CISV International. This may be through outstanding commitment and effort, innovative practice, inspirational ideas, approach, or leadership while maintaining the CISV Values.
Dr. Jennifer Watson Outstanding Contribution Award
Recognizes Chapter, National or International volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution to the organization over a long period of time. We wish to thank volunteers who have shown outstanding commitment, have inspired others, and have created something unique in their Chapter, NA, or at the International level. This award is named in memory of Dr. Jennifer Watson and her many years of outstanding contribution to CISV Great Britain and CISV International. This award will only be given in years when nominees meet this criterion.

Nomination criteria

Nominations will be assessed on the following criteria. Nominators should respond to 3 of the 5 criteria below with examples that demonstrate the nominees’ achievements during the year for a total of 45 points. Commitment is mandatory for nominees for the Dr. Jennifer Watson Outstanding Contribution Award. Nominees who do not demonstrate our values in their work will not be considered.
Impact/Outcomes (15 points)
Impact refers to the depth of the nominee’s contribution. What was achieved? What need did it fill? Who was impacted and how? How did their efforts support achieving our mission? Did it exceed the expectations of the role/task?
Inspiration/Leadership (15 points)
Describe how the nominee lead or inspired others to reach this outcome. What impact did they have on others around them? Did they foster engagement of others or inspire others to volunteer for the organisation?
Innovation (15 points)
Did the nominee bring forward a new, innovative approach or solution to an issue that could/will benefit the broader organisation?
Commitment (15 points)
How did the nominee demonstrate their commitment to the task, teams, organisation? How much time have they dedicated to the organisation Describe how their efforts went “above & beyond” what was expected.
Forwarding our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Agenda (15 points)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a strategic priority for our organisation. Please describe how the nominee(s) demonstrated their commitment to these principles in the work that was carried out.
CISV Values (must be reflected to be considered for the award)
It is important that we live our values of Friendship, Inclusiveness, Enthusiasm, Engagement, and Cooperation. Please share how the nominee has demonstrated these values in their work for CISV. Our values are defined as follows in the Positive Behaviour Policy (R-07):
  • Friendship: We find a common bond and we are kind to each other.
  • Inclusiveness: We are open, we accept and respect others.
  • Cooperation: We work together and support each other toward our common goal.
  • Enthusiasm: We bring energy and passion to everything we do.
  • Engagement: We show up, participate, and learn with a positive attitude.

Nomination process

The nomination process is open from 15 December to 15 February each year to recognise achievements for the year just ending. Nominations for the International Volunteer Awards 2022 are now closed.

Selection process

Selection panel

A selection panel of 6 individuals will be formed by the 15th of December in the year that nominations are being received for. The panel will be made up of:

  • One trustee (to be selected by the board)​
  • One member of the IJB Team (to be selected by the IJR’s)​
  • One member of the IO staff (to be selected by the Secretary General)​
  • One NAR from each Region (to be selected by the NARs)

Alternate(s) will be selected in the event of a conflict of interest or dispute​.

Selection process

As nominations are received:

  1. Nominees will be contacted to confirm consent permissions and asked to submit a photo
  2. Clearance checks will be completed on all nominees by the International Safeguarding and Risk Management Lead and their National Association

After the nomination period closes on 15 February:

  1. Names of the nominators will be removed before sharing with the panel
  2. Panelists will score nominations independently based on a criteria rubric (will be provided)
  3. Once individual scoring is completed, panel will meet to review results and align on discrepancies. In the event of a dispute the alternate trustee will be called upon to decide

Note: in the event a large number of nominations is received, this process will be revised to include a shortlisting step.


Once recipients are selected, they will be contacted individually followed by:
  • Announcing the results, including nominees by email and on the website
  • A virtual event lead by staff and Governing Board
  • Sharing at Regional Meetings
  • Nominees may be featured in communications throughout the year highlighting their achievements
If you have any questions you can email us at international@cisv.org.


Date Action
15 Dec Finalise panel selection
15 Dec Open nominations
15 Feb Deadline for nominations
15 Mar Complete selection process
22 Mar Announce recipients & nominees
April/May Recognition of recipients and nominees at Regional Meetings and Virtual Awards Ceremony plus ongoing highlights of nominee achievements