Planning a Training Session

Each year the education data from the Programme Director's Planning and Evaluation Forms (PDPEF) will be analysed and may result in a number of changes or actions with a view to improve our programmes. For 2018, see Improving Educational Quality in Programmes – Trainer Notes 2018. (For previous versions, see Trainer Notes for 20142015, 2016, and 2017)

Training materials


Training sessions

  • Introducing diversity: This session explores different dimensions of diversity and develops some of the skills we need to deal with diversity
  • Confronting Conflicts: This session introduces conceptual and practical tools to confront conflicts in a constructive manner
  • We are one Village staff team! This training session prepares participants for their role as members in a Village staff team
  • Six decades of CISV: This session develops an introduction to CISV by looking at the decades from CISV’s foundation up until today
  • Create the golden circle: A session focusing on peace education as the core purpose of CISV programmes
  • Human Rights: This session for Mosaic trainings connects the universal with the local aspect of human rights – it explains how to ‘think Mosaic’ by using human rights as a topic

Have you got a great training session which you want to share with the CISV community of trainers? Click the Training Session Template button on the left side of this page to find out what you need to do. We have a set of quality criteria which training sessions must fulfil so we can publish them on-line.

Programme-specific resources

Looking for training ideas? Need advice with your training sessions? Got ideas to share? As a member of the community of CISV trainers you are in good company. Even the most experienced trainer likes to try something new and if you have found some useful resources or tools or have read a great article, share it with us.

E-mail your Training and Quality Regional Coordinators in AmericasAsia-Pacific or  Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Training curricula

All of our training, whether it is to help prepare volunteers to run a programme, Junior Branch or Chapter is delivered by a certified CISV International trainer using a set curriculum. This means that where ever you deliver our training and whether you a new or experienced trainer, your training participants can be sure your training will be to an agreed standard and cover agreed essential content.Training curricula

General and organizational development

Educational programmes

Training session template

If you have a great training session you would like to share, use one of the following templates to write it up for sharing:

Then send it to us for review. We review all submitted training sessions according to a set of quality criteria to decide whether they are suitable for publication online. If we publish your training session, we will make sure we acknowledge you as the author. 

Remember: If you use someone else’s ideas in your training session, you must get their permission and give them credit.

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