Madeleine Vose
Training and Education Officer


Madeleine has worked with both adults and children in social care, education and charitable contexts over her 20-year career, with a focus on learning and development since 2008. She has developed training and learning programmes directly for children and young people in care settings, overseen traineeship programmes for young adults with disabilities, and managed the operational training needs for large local authority workforces responsible for all aspects of children’s social care. She is CIPD qualified and has a Masters in Child Protection and Safeguarding. She has also recently achieved her PRINCE2 project management qualification.

Madeleine is passionate about workforce development and making sure the training operation makes a positive impression with every contact. She is fascinated by how and why people learn and equally interested in the systems that serve learning and development needs. Madeleine is very attracted to CISV’s peace-building focus in its work with children and young people. She has worked with children and young people facing hardship and seen how values such as compassion, patience and persistence can make a real difference. She believes that teaching children the values and basis for non-conflict and conflict resolution have an important role for the future and looks forward to being part of the international team that delivers CISV’s vision.