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CISV International is excited and pleased to announce the launch of a beautiful new film , produced by our partner organization momondo. Filmed at a Village in Sao Paulo, which was sponsored by momondo, the video follows children as they live and play together and learn about each other.


To help spread the message beyond the camp, momondo has also created two free educational school activities. The packs were designed in partnership with CISV and they are based on activities run in CISV camps. They are for children aged 11 and will help them to understand the importance of mutual tolerance and respect.

The school kits are great resources to help you share what CISV is all about with local schools. You could ask to run the activities or you could give the kits to teachers to run. You could also use them to explain the type of activities we run in camps when you recruit parents, staff, leaders, and JCs.

The activities, Equally Different and Our Colourful World, teach how easy it is to apply (and remove) labels and stereotypes and Open Minds. They include activity sheets, teaching guides, and  short films that illustrate the importance of open-mindedness.

If you would like some advice on how to use the kits for your profile-raising, please contact Denise Farrar. She will be happy to help you!

The full kits are free to download in English on momondo’s  websitewhere you will also find news of an exciting competition, extra videos, and a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the making of Dear Mom and Dad! 

The kits are also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian (versions in other languages will be available in 2018). You can download the translated kits from the links below – but don’t forget to go to the momondo website to get the films to show with them.

  • Full Kit Our Colourful World classroom kit in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Full Kit Our Colourful World classroom kit in Danish
  • Full Kit Our Colourful World classroom kit in English
  • Full Kit Our Colourful World classroom kit in Finnish
  • Full Kit Our Colourful World classroom kit in German
  • Full Kit Our Colourful World classroom kit in Norwegian
  • Full Kit Our Colourful World classroom kit in Portuguese 
  • Full Kit Our Colourful World classroom kit in Spanish

Have you used the School Kits?  Please complete our short survey. We would love to hear your feedback!

Momondo logo

momondo started a collaboration with CISV because we share a mutual interest in creating more tolerance between people and cultures across the world. We share a vision of an open world, where differences are a source of inspiration, and where intercultural meetings between people create more understanding in the world. 

momondo is a free, independent, online travel search engine offering travelers full price transparency on flights, hotels and car-rental.

momondo has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and serves and inspires travelers across 32 international markets. Founded in 2006 and grown from a desire to open up the world to everyone,  momondo’s vision is to give courage and encourage each and every one of us to stay curious and open minded, so we can all enjoy a better and more diversified world.

Read more about momondo.

Read more about our partnership.

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