2019 Annual Review

2019 was another busy and exciting year for CISV with the results of our extensive Programme Review being shared with the Members, work commencing on an online training module for all CISV programme leaders and staff, and the launch of a global outreach recruitment campaign for leaders. It was also another record year for participation in our programmes.  

CISV was founded in the belief that peace is possible through building friendship and mutual understanding, starting with the children. This vision for the future is just as relevant and important today as it was when the organization was founded in 1951. In 2019, we continued to reach, educate, and inspire young people to build a more just and peaceful world.  

Our work and vision are only possible through the commitment of our volunteers and staff. We extend our heartfelt thanks to them for their continued dedication. We also thank our partners and sponsors for their invaluable support. Together we are making a difference – together we are working for a more just and peaceful world.  

Einav Dinur (Chair of the Governing Board) 

Gabrielle Mandell (Secretary General)

On behalf of the Governing Board 

The following have been Governing Board Members in 2019

  • Calixto Mateos-Hanel (until August)
  • Candelaria Lucero (from September)
  • Daniel Edelshaim
  • Einav Dinur
  • Emmanuel Keates
  • Frank Steffen
  • Gustavo Cuellar (until August)
  • Karo Serafin (from September)
  • Maggs Cabato
  • Margie Parikh (until November)
  • Tommaso Nodari (from September)
  • Tuca Carvalho (from December)
  • Vinh Prag (until August)

About Us

CISV International is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building intercultural friendship, cooperation, and understanding. Founded in 1950, today CISV National Associations are present in over 60 countries with more than 200 Chapters. We have given many thousands of people the experience of their lives through our programmes. CISV runs international educational camps and family-based exchanges; our programmes. In these programmes, we help our participants to explore and understand other cultures, learn new skills, and develop an international perspective. We use non-formal learning techniques and organize group activities that develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and effective collaboration. CISV encourages our participants to reach their full potential and to see themselves as active members in a global community. CISV International is a UNESCO partner Non-Governmental Organization, holds participatory status with the Council of Europe, and is a candidate member of the European Youth Forum.

Highlights of 2019

In 2019 we completed a strategic programme review. This extensive two-year effort considered a wide range of wide ranging evaluation of current programmes and new opportunities. The final report was published in 2019 and provided recommendations that we believe are critical to CISV’s ability to grow while maintaining quality. Throughout the year we encouraged open dialogue and feedback through National Associations’ Board meetings, town halls, Regional Meetings, and the International Junior Branch Conference. The final decision on whether to accept the recommendations for major programme changes will be made by our Members, with some Motions being voted on in 2020.

Work began on a series of online training modules for all CISV programme leaders and staff. The first module, launching in early 2020, will focus on child protection; the other modules will be released later in the year. They will provide consistent core training for programme volunteers across the world; completion will be mandatory for leaders and staff attending a programme. The development of this training will further reinforce our strong commitment to safeguarding our programme participants.

CISV International launched a global outreach campaign focused on leader recruitment. National Associations were provided with a package of materials to help promote leader opportunities at the Chapter level. The campaign package included a new promotional video, translated into 23 languages, which was filmed at a CISV Village in Costa Rica. The campaign reached over 4.5 million people around the world and increased enquiries about leader opportunities by 35% at the Chapter level.

Planning for the 2021 CISV Global Conference commenced. The celebration will take place during the 70th anniversary of the organization. There will be time to reminisce on the past and build on that to focus on evolving into tomorrow.

2019 in Numbers


International Participants


International Programmes


Mosaic Participants


Mosaic Programmes

In 2019, CISV reached more than 11,000 international participants for the first time ever in the 282 international programmes held! We also hosted 43 Mosaic projects with 3,016 participants.

Since our first Village in 1951, our volunteers have organized 8,323 international programmes for 317,376 participants worldwide.


  • CISV Australia - 40 years
  • CISV Bulgaria - 40 years
  • CISV Colombia - 40 years
  • CISV Greenland - 60 years
  • CISV Netherlands - 60 years
  • CISV Romania - 50 years
Member Category Changes:

Membership status of the National Associations (NAs) and Promotional Associations (PAs) is reviewed annually.

  • We are delighted with the progress of CISV El Salvador and pleased to see them become a full category A Member.
  • CISV Russia, which had been struggling, has moved forward and is now again a participating Promotional Association.
  • Excitingly, we agreed to move forward with establishing a new Promotional Association with CISV Uruguay.

  • CISV's Educational Programmes

  • Our flagship camp
  • Age 11
  • 28 days
  • Interchange
  • 2-way family exchange
  • Age 12-15
  • 14-28 days
  • Youth Meeting
  • Smaller regional camp
  • Age 12-19+
  • 8 or 15 days
  • Step Up
  • Camp planned by staff and participants
  • Age 14-15
  • 23 days
  • Seminar Camp
  • Camp planned and run by participants
  • Age 17-18
  • 21 days
  • International People's Project
  • International community project for adults
  • Age 19+
  • 14-23 days
  • Mosaic
  • Local community project
  • For all ages
  • Up to 12 months

  • Looking Ahead to 2020

    CISV International had many exciting plans for 2020, some of which will be outlined here. However, like people and organizations around the world, we found our plans for this year disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Programmes, regional trainings, and meetings planned for April were cancelled, and shortly after, we came to the difficult decision to cancel our main programme season (June-August).

    Despite these challenges, there are still projects and initiatives that will go ahead this year:
  • We will launch our elearning modules on Child Protection, Safeguarding, and other key areas. These will form the core of a consistent set of training for our programme volunteers around the world.
  • We will introduce a new and improved version of myCISV. This new platform will make things easier and more efficient for CISV volunteers. It is also designed with data protection and safety standards in mind, and will help us to ensure complete and accurate participation records.
  • We will analyse the CISV training budget to help us understand better the cost structure of training in CISV. This will enable us to analyse what the benefits are of each of our trainings, and what training needs exist across CISV.
  • We will provide a first set of insights and recommendations on the review of our fee and funding structure.
  • As part of our new approach to Chapter Development, we will pilot a new reporting and verification system in order to monitor governance and activities in our Member associations.
  • With the working group on climate and environment, we plan to address questions about the financial impact of reducing CISV’s carbon footprint (which is not just about financial matters).

  • In a year without international programmes, a number of new initiatives will engage and continue educating and inspiring action for a more just and peaceful world.

    Support Us

    With your help we can educate and inspire the next generation to take a lead in acting for a more open, tolerant, and peaceful world. You can support CISV by giving directly to your local Chapter or National Association. Get in touch with CISV in your country or give an online donation to CISV International today. Your donation will:

  • Support our member associations to develop, expand, and grow
  • Invest in the development of our educational programmes, which provide our participants with the vital attitudes, skills, and knowledge that they need to take the lead in their own lives, their communities, and the world to build intercultural understanding
  • Enhance and strengthen the CISV experience to help it remain modern, relevant, and engaging
  • Develop and deliver training and support for our volunteers worldwide
  • Help us to widen access to our activities